Public Safety

Public Safety Radios Toronto ONMaintaining public safety in mission-critical industries can be an exhaustive task, and if you’re in charge of managing this sector, you need to lean on a portable two-way radio system with proven results to make proper emergency decisions. Without clear audio and video, mission-critical situations can quickly turn into nightmares.

Lakeshore Communications is one such company with years of experience helping the police, fire departments, and EMS, and our Motorola radio accessories are therefore designed to reduce overall response times and assist multiple agencies in emergency situations. We also offer Motorola two-way radio support and Motorola two-way radio repair to give you the best Toronto two-way radios you can find!

How Am I Benefiting from a Motorola Two-Way Radio?

Motorola two-way radios facilitate effective communication among the many mission-critical operations teams. The idea is to make rapid transmission as smooth as possible to always ensure quick and clear communication. No one ever wants to see an emergency situation get out of hand, so if you’re looking for reliability, this might just be the way to go.

What Features Are Included?

Lakeshore Communications is all about tailoring the two-way radio system to fit your particular needs, including through group calls and individually assigned radio IDs. Additionally, if you’re looking for two of the best radios out there that can satisfy most needs, we recommend the Motorola DTR550 or the Motorola CLP1010.

Where Can I Find the Best Two-Way Radio Rental Toronto Has to Offer?

You can either try searching for “Toronto two-way radios” or you can let Lakeshore Communications handle your needs. We would love a chance to talk to you more.

How Can I Contact Lakeshore about Toronto Two-Way Radios?

If you have any other questions about how Lakeshore Communications can help you, either contact us online or call our toll-free number 855-677-7177. We hope to hear from you soon!

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ACE1000 Remote Terminal Unit
Model: ACE1000
The versatile and powerful ACE1000 will deliver the timely communications you need, wit...
ACE3600 Remote Terminal Unit
Model: ACE3600
The ACE3600 remote terminal unit (RTU) combines the local processing of a PLC with the ...
Automatic License Plate Recognition
Model: ALPR
Enhance your officers' safety and productivity while maximizing your department's reven...
APX1000 P25 Portable Two-Way Radio
Model: APX1000
The APX1000 provides a complete and complementary look and feel to the APX fami...
APX1500 P25 Mobile Two-Way Radio
Model: APX1500
Ideal for Local Government and Public Works Users Needing a Durable and Compac...
APX3000 P25 Portable Two-Way Radio
Model: APX3000
Whether you’re an undercover officer or in special operations, you need to communi...
APX4000 P25 Portable Two-Way Radio
Model: APX4000
The APX4000 delivers all the benefits of P25 technology in the smallest P25 Pha...
APX4000XE P25 Portable Two-Way Radio
Model: APX4000XE
The APX4000XE delivers all the benefits of P25 technology in the smallest P25 Phase 2 p...
APX4500 P25 Mobile Two-Way Radio
Model: APX4500
The APX4500 brings together powerful technology in a compact, rugged, mobile radio...
APX6000 P25 Portable Two-Way Radio
Model: APX6000
  Delivering outstanding performance in a lightweight form factor without...
APX6000XE P25 Portable Two-Way Radio
Model: APX6000XE
Designed with extreme ergonomics and advanced features in a single-band, rugged form fa...
APX6500 P25 Mobile Two-Way Radio
Model: APX6500
We’ve put exceptional flexibility into an advanced mission critical mobile radio t...
APX7000 P25 Multi-Band Portable Two-Way Radio
Model: APX7000
  The APX7000 multi-band radio places instant interoperability into the han...
APX7000L P25 Multi-Band Portable Two-Way Radio with LTE
Model: APX7000L
Voice and data operations are becoming more common and necessary for public safety oper...
APX7000XE P25 Portable Two-Way Radio
Model: APX7000XE
We've taken safety to the extreme with the APX7000XE – our most advanced, rugged radio ...

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