Motorola Security RadiosOverseeing security at any level, whether commercial or contracted, requires you to stay in constant, uninterrupted contact with your team. You therefore need a portable two-way radio system that can provide a cost-effective solution to your communication needs.

If you’re specifically looking for Toronto two-way radios for your security detail, try Lakeshore Communications.

We want to be the one to take care of the two-way radios that Toronto businesses need, and we can offer you many of the Motorola radio accessories that can truly put your security over the top. If you ever need Motorola two-way radio support or Motorola two-way radio repair, we can provide this too.

How Do I Benefit from Using Motorola Two-Way Radios?

By using Motorola two-way radios within your security team, you’re able to ensure that everyone on staff can be aware of potential issues, which is obviously of utmost consequence in the security profession.

The two-way radios available at Lakeshore are especially renowned for their fast transmission, guaranteeing clear communication and rapid response should a situation arise. In effect, we want to 100% streamline the process, keeping you focused on the important task at hand.

What Features Are Included?

Our team at Lakeshore Communications would recommend the Motorola CLP1010 or the Motorola DTR550 to handle most of your needs. These are two of the best Toronto two-way radios you’ll find out there, and they’re additionally able to support big group calls and pinpoint individual units with assigned ID tags.

Where Is the Best Two-Way Radio Rental Toronto Provides?

Lakeshore Communications is the place to go if you want to set up a two-way radio system among your security team. You can try looking for “Toronto two-way radios,” but it’s easier to just call us.

How Can I Contact Lakeshore for Toronto Two-Way Radios?

All you have to do to reach a representative at Lakeshore Communications either online or by phone at our toll free number 855-677-7177. We look forward to hearing from you today!

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ACE3600 Remote Terminal Unit
Model: ACE3600
The ACE3600 remote terminal unit (RTU) combines the local processing of a PLC with the ...
Mag One BPR40 Portable Two-Way Radio
Model: BPR40
The BPR40 portable two-way radio delivers reliable, intuitive communication through 8 c...
BSC-5000 Series Base Station
Model: BSC5000
Variable Base Communication Configurations for Greater Value   Use the con...
CM200d Mobile Two-Way Radio
Model: CM200d
Stay connected with your workers whether they’re delivering cargo, dispatching tr...
CM300d Mobile Two-Way Radio
Model: CM300d
Stay connected with your workers whether they’re delivering cargo, dispatching tr...
CP185 Portable Two-Way Radio
Model: CP185
Ideal for educational institutions, retail and hospitality businesses, service and manu...
CP200d Portable Two-Way Radio
Model: CP200d
The Motorola CP200d is a simple and flexible radio – perfect for any job to k...
DTR410 Digital On-Site Portable Two-Way Radio
Model: DTR410
The DTR410 digital on-site two-way radio presents a better way for small businesses to ...
DTR650 Digital On-Site Portable Two-Way Radio
Model: DTR650
The DTR650 digital on-site portable radio delivers all the great features of the DTR550...
EVX-Link Series
Evolve to Connect eVerge Expanding your reach has never been easier than now...
eVerge EVX-530 Series Portable Radios
Model: EVX530
Evolve to Better Communication and Value   You can afford to enhance your ...
eVerge EVX-R70 Series Repeater
Model: EVXR70
Evolve to Better Communication and Value   You can afford to enhance your ...
EX560XLS Portable Two-Way Radio
Model: EX560XLS
Designed to operate in the harshest of outdoor environments, Motorola's EX560XLS two-wa...
MC1000 Deskset Controller
Model: MC1000
About the size of a telephone, the cost-effective MC1000 Deskset allows remote-control ...
MC2000 Deskset Controller
Model: MC2000
A step up from the MC1000, the compact and cost-effective MC2000 provides remote access...

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