Transportation & Logistics

Transportation Two-Way RadiosLakeshore Communications helps its transportation industry customers manage driver and passenger safety, fleet location, and point-to-point delivery with Motorola two-way radios. Two-way radios are the best option for communication within transportation industry companies for a variety of reasons.

Keeping Truck Driver Safety in Mind

Unlike cell phones and smartphones, truck drivers aren’t restricted from using two-way radios while in transit. This is because such technology doesn’t provide excess distraction that would impede on the driver’s safety as well as the safety of others on the road. Not only are texting and smartphone use dangerous for commercial drivers, but they’re banned by law.

Improve Truck Delivery Productivity

Over 70% of freight is moved by trucks, and truck drivers are often given routes at the last minute. Often these are rush orders that have to be delivered in a timely manner. Transportation and logistics companies need Motorola two-way radios they can depend on to be able communicate effectively and consistently.

Lakeshore Communications equips drivers with Motorola Digital Radios that help to improve performance all around. These radios can incorporate hands-free Bluetooth communication technology to safely communicate while operating their vehicles. They’re also able to stay connected outside the vehicle within 100 meters thanks to the long-range wireless microphone.

These Motorola two-way radios also come with available personnel and fleet tracking applications so you can keep track of your crew at all times, helping you to figure out logistics and plan for future trips.

Innovative Tracking Options with Toronto Two-Way Radios

No matter what kind of delivery your customers opt for, more often than not they want to be able to track deliveries at any moment. Motorola offers dispatch and fleet management applications that give you moment-to-moment updates on the whereabouts of your fleet.  

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