Analog Radios

Communication is key in any relationship, especially a business relationship. Here at Lakeshore Communications, we have a number of analog radios to choose from to ensure that everyone at your site stays in contact.

With a large number to choose from, there’s no doubt that we have something that will integrate perfectly into your business. Request a quote from Lakeshore Communications today.

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VX-130 Series Portable Radios
Model: VX130
Heavy Duty Business Radio    Available in single channel or two chann...
VX-160 Series Portable Radios
Model: VX160
Rugged, Durable Portables Ideal for Factory, Fleet, Schools or Retail.   ...
VX-180 Series Portable Radios
Model: VX180
Rugged, Durable Portables with Unmatched Operating Ease.   16 Channel ...
VX-210A Series Portable Radios
Model: VX210A
Vertex Standard - VX-210A VHF/UHF Portable Radios.   Rugged, Durable Porta...
VX-2500 Series Trunked Mobile Radio
Model: VX2500
Vertex Standard - VX-2500 Trunking Mobile Radios.   Designed with the ever...
VX-2500 CONVEN Series Mobile Radios
Model: VX2500CONVEN
25 watt, 128 channel Feature Rich compact mobile. The new VX-2500 Conventional takes th...
VX-3200LTR Series Mobile Radio
Model: VX3200
Vertex Standard - VX-3200  Higher Powered Trunking Mobile Radios.   D...
VX-4000 Series Mobile Radios
Model: VX4000
Vertex Standard - VX-4000 LVHF/VHF/UHF 250 Channel Mobile Radios     ...
VX-4100-4200 Series Mobile Radios
Model: VX4100-4200
High Capacity, Enhanced Mobile Communications   Dual-Band Receive For Inte...
VX-510 Series Portable Radio
Model: VX510
Reliable Low Band Communications   Features: 32 Channel Capacity (...
VX-520UD Series Portable Radio
Model: VX520UD
32 Channel 5 Watt UHF Public Safety Portable Radios 450 MHz to 488 MHz (20 MHz b...
VX-530 Series Portable Radio
Model: VX530
Features: 512 Channels and 16 Groups 5 Watts UHF: 450 - 490 MHz ...
VX-600 Series Portable Radio
Model: VX600
Vertex Standard - VX-600 VHF/UHF Portable Radios.   Rugged, Durable Portab...
VX-800 Series Portable Radio
Model: VX800
Vertex Standard - VX-800 200 Channel 5W VHF/UHF Portable Radios.   VX-800 ...
VX-900 Series Portable Radio
Model: VX900
Vertex Standard - VX-900 VHF/UHF Portable Radios.   The VX-900 gives you t...

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