Base Stations

When you need to broadcast important radio signals from a central location, your number one solution is a base station.

Base stations have a much wider broadcast range than portable radios, making them the perfect solution for emergency service situations when communication has to be reliable and immediate. Additionally, many base stations may serve as repeaters, boosting the signals of two-way radios and increasing the reach of the radio’s signal.

Use Base Stations for Reliable, Far-Reaching Communication

If your operating area is extremely large, such as in a construction site or disaster scene, then it’s important that you can broadcast communications over the entire area. Using base stations for these large operations is the perfect solution to your communication needs.

Two of the most reliable types of base stations available on the market are the BSC-5000 Series Base Station and the GTR8000 Base Radio/Expandable Site Subsystem.

For Motorola Two-Way Radio Support

Both of these base station models offer rock-solid reliability and the opportunity to broadcast over multiple bands with multiple power systems. This gives you the kind of flexibility you need to be able to communicate in a wide range of situations, making these base stations your number one choice in Motorola two-way radio support.

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BSC-5000 Series Base Station
Model: BSC5000
Variable Base Communication Configurations for Greater Value   Use the con...
GTR8000 Base Radio/Expandable Site Subsystem
Model: GTR8000
Meet today’s demand for IP networks and narrow-band radio operations with the high perf...

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