About Us

Lakeshore Communications has been in operation since 1972 in the lovely Toronto, Canada, and we supply portable two-way radios for those in need of wireless communications. With our extensive full product line, we are sure that we will have what you need to in order to stay in-touch with others while on and off the job. Here at Lakeshore Communications, we will supply you with the portable two-way radio products and services you need at a budget-friendly cost.  Our 10,000 square foot facility allows us to offer a full product line of two-way radios, cellular smartphones, repeaters and parts, as well as site design, installations and repairs. We have everything you need in our extensive inventory, and if we don’t, we can get it through our well-established supplier relationships. Our goal is to help make our clients more efficient  while saving money.

What We Do

Aside from selling durable and long-lasting Motorola two-way radios, we also offer rental and repair services, among many others. We will equip you with the Motorola radio accessories and necessary support so that you can maximize the potential of your radio systems. Our design solutions can help you build the platform and infrastructure needed for the clearest and most reliable communication. If you have a portable two-way radio need – we can meet it.

Our Experienced Team

Even if you’re feeling completely lost when it comes to choosing the right radio product for your employees, our experienced team can help you figure out which Motorola radios are best for your business. Beyond just helping you choose a system of radios, we also offer Motorola two-way radio support to keep your communications working as fluently as possible. From start to finish, we will ensure that you can stay in-touch with your employees in a flawless and efficient manner.

You and Your Portable Two-Way Radio

Radios are great tools when it comes to improving processes within your business, as you are able to keep track of all your employees throughout the workday. You can respond to emergency situations more quickly, and you can delegate different tasks as they appear. With the addition of our radio services, you won’t have to worry about a thing when it comes to boosting your communications.