VX-210A Series Portable Radios

Vertex Standard


Vertex Standard – VX-210A VHF/UHF Portable Radios.
Rugged, Durable Portables Ideal for Factory or Fleet ! Designed to be lightweight, rugged, and feature rich, the VX-210A is the right radio for almost all applications. The small size and light weight are a huge benefit to applications where concealment is a requirement. Also, the size is a benefit to those applications where the users will not necessarily be public safety. Hospitals, Hotels, retail outlets can all take advantage of the small size of the radio.
Looking at the features of this new radio, you can quickly see how it is also the desired radio for many public safety applications. The dual 2-tone feature is a must for those volunteer fireman who must buy their own equipment. Features like, 16 channel capacity, scan, full 5 watt output, radio to radio clone, and Intrinsically safe version, make it an easy choice for almost any application. Plus, we throw in a three year parts and labor warranty!

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Vertex Standard


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