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Portable two-way radios can do a lot for a business when it comes to keeping all employees safe and on-track with their daily tasks. No matter what industry you are a part of in the Toronto area, radios can help boost productivity and better processes within your department. In addition to our product line, we also offer Motorola two-way radio support to even further improve your experience using radios while on the job.

Benefits of Radio Rentals and Repairs

Lakeshore Communications has one of the biggest radio rental inventories in Canada, so we have the equipment you need at the budget that you can afford. Even if you decide to purchase your own line-up of radios from us, we can help you keep these devices running optimally with our repair services. No matter which route you choose to take – rental or ownership – our Motorola two-way radio support will assist in keeping you in contact with your employees when you need it most.

Additional Services We Offer

Bench testing will ensure that your portable two-way radios will provide you with reliable communication and flawless integration to your existing infrastructure. We also offer site surveys, focusing on transmission and reception abilities, so that we can equip you with the proper tools you need for clear voice-to-voice communication. With our antenna design services, we can create the platform you need for your specific business.

Why You Need Motorola Two-Way Radio Support

Because of our Motorola two-way radio support system, you will be using your crop of portable two-way radios to their maximum potential. Everything from installation to design solutions, making necessary repairs and more, our experienced team will remove any kinks from your communication system. This will allow for you to have stress-free and easier conversations between your employees, improving many aspects of your workday.